arXiv Lunacy - Introduction

07/07/2023 - Jim Barrett

I miss the old Arxiv-Sanity. For me, it was one of the most effective ways of keeping on top of the latest developments in my fields of interest. Not that I blame the author for no longer hosting the old version, but I do miss it.

I have therefore decided to look into creating my own version, a journey which I plan to document in a sporadic series of blog posts here. The features I want to eventually include are;

  • Given a paper X, find me similar papers
  • Keep an up to date directory of papers over time
  • Given a series of papers I have favourited, notify me when something I might be interested in appears
  • A lightweight web interface which allows me to quickly digest abstracts of papers recommended to me, and allow me to favourite relevant ones
  • Maybe, in the long run, some option for me to add some notes to the papers I read.

I have no real intention, at least in the short to medium term, of hosting the tool such that it is available to other users, but I will develop all of the code here. I am lovingly calling the project arxiv lunacy, in homage to the tool that inspired it. Perhaps one day I'll branch it out to look at published literature too, and then I'll have to rename it. Watch this space for updates.